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Case studies

A global transportation and tech corporation approached us with a request to preform background checks on about 20 personnel they sought to hire for a project. Our turnaround time was 24hrs. We scanned all candidates and found a criminal history amongst one of the candidates who was in the end not hired by the corporation.

We arrived undercover in a country to facilitate testing for an Multi-National Corporation (MNC) that needed to provide the appearance of beginning their program on a certain date in order to quell certain local government concerns about said program. This project involved learning about the personnel involved (on both the MNC side and the local side) as well as their profession in order to facilitate a cover story that could hold for a month long period. This cover was repeatedly tested and held well. The project was a success for both the MNC (who gave the appearance of initiating the project) and for the locals (who saw that the project was initiated).

A well-known legal firm approached us with a complicated real estate case involving an individual who avoided significant fees involved in the purchase of a property. This person hid the purchase of this property through shell companies and trusts which we had to unravel. Besides research, social media mapping, and brute OSINT work, we also had many HUMINT (human intelligence) interactions during the case which is what eventually gave us the information needed to crack the methodology used to illegally purchase the property. Our report was used in court and the perpetrator found guilty.

An international accounting firm asked us to verify a Chinese company who had stolen a client’s money. Our investigation included technical research into who built and maintained their websites, their modus operandi which included: false offices, names, trading receipts, company registration website, use of offshore banking, only reaching out to clients (no incoming calls), false news websites for legitimacy and SEO purposes and bouncing these sites through several servers to cover up the infrastructure when they set it up. To find this information we employed both HUMINT and OSINT techniques, as well as hiring an IT consultant for understanding the detailed technical aspects of the case. Although sadly we couldn’t recover the funds, we used our report to notify other clients of this scheme and prevent further damage.

An established start up asked us to verify the identity of an individual posing as an angel investor. Our research and investigation led us to reveal that the individual had used a fake name, address, business, and had forged documents in an attempt to receive funds from the start-up. Upon successful realization of the situation they were in – the start-up cancelled any dealings with the individual and saved a significant amount of money.

  • Asset tracing projects 
  • Foreign country background checks on individuals 
  • Foreign country’s influence in another country
  • Revealing an international scheme to de-value companies then buy them out



  • Background check before a large deal
  • Investigation into two individuals who attempted to sue the company
  • Investigation into an individual who created an investment scheme 


  • Investigation into a partner that stole company property
  • Investigation into an individual before a large deal
  • Investigation into an individual attempting to slander a company
  • Investigation into an individual who stole company information 


  • A background check before onboarding a supplier 
  • A background check before signing a partnership agreement
  • Investigation into an individual who committed fraud using fake jewelry 
  • A background check into a company before purchase of machinery from another company 


  • International custody case 
  • “Gold-Digger” case 
  • Sexual Misconduct case 
  • Investigation into individual who stole the original will of a wealthy individual and forged changes to it