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Alpha Group began as a handful of driven special forces and intelligence veterans, who seek work in the field rather than behind a desk. Our combined experience in the fields of cyber security, multi-source research, and human intel-gathering delivers high quality turnkey security and intelligence solutions. Read more

Our Solution


Open Source Information gathering conducted by Ex-military/intelligence team of executives, trained in creative problem solving, who know how to use state of the art tools to comb data, and come to factual conclusions. We pull on open-source, dark web, and deep web data to get as much information as possible to inform you. Each project is custom-made, because each problem is as well. We don’t believe in “blanket” solutions, because the very nature of your problem is specific.


Human Intelligence gathering conducted by Ex-military/intelligence team of executives, all within the bounds of the law. Sometimes, in the intel-gathering cycle, information exists that cannot be accessed by open-source methods alone. This is where HUMINT comes into play. We are able to reach out and ask the right people the right questions to fill in information gaps during an investigation. This is almost always information that makes or breaks a case, because of its sensitive nature, and we pride ourselves on handling these situations with “white gloves.”

A Network

Our greater network is an essential part of our methodology. By maintaining an extensive global network that acts as a force multiplier, we are able to succeed in complex and hyper-specific investigations that would otherwise be impossible. This puts us in the league of large corporate giants, but with prices of a small boutique firm. Alpha Group can immediately function across borders and with deep understanding - facilitating the complex nature of our work.


We are enablers to your business strategy, ensuring your decision carries out comprehensive due diligence in areas needed. This in turn decreases risk in your decision making process. We treat your request individually, and find the best methodology for solving your request. This is important because solutions are not interchangeable, or transferrable from one investigation to another. Alpha Group believes that compartmentalization of solutions is critical to project success, and we act upon this belief at the outset of our investigations.

Services Offered

You need to learn about the “other side” in order to make an informed decision. Alpha group has helped companies and individuals across sectors make sound decisions by providing them with accurate, relevant, and actionable intelligence.

Comprehensive report surrounding a specific decision. This means it could include several individuals or companies and a casts a wider net in order to write a report that delivers full confidence in making a decision.

All-inclusive profile of an individual. This report observes a single person and their entire internet footprint no matter how vague. All information is collated and presented in a report, giving an objective, in depth look into who they are.

All-inclusive profile of a business/company. This report observes a single company or business and provides their entire internet footprint no matter how vague. All information is collated and presented in a report, giving an objective look into what this company does and who they do it with.

This is a complicated report which entails receiving information from client and tracing an asset whether it be a property, a bank account, liquid assets, etc. This report recreates the timeline and location of assets and entails them in the report.

This is a low-level check but is cheaper and will check the boxes off for many. We perform the following types of searches: simple and complex background checks, employment searches, bank and brokerage searches, state and nationwide for all searches.

We remove your unwanted data from the internet, link by link. We do not try to hide, suppress or “push down” the negatives as this is not a permanent nor an effective solution. We concentrate on permanent removal.